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Pole Buildings in Spokane

Hey Spokane! Are you looking for a durable and economical building solution? Then look no further! Gibraltar Steel Buildings provides pole building systems at affordable pricing with custom options included. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our pole building options and how you can get the most benefit out of your pole building.

Pole Building Planning

There's several factors to be considered about the building process. A well developed plan will ensure efficiency and that all your pole building needs are met. Our specialists are able to assist you with planning or answer any questions you may have. Below are some suggestions of what to consider as you think about your project.

What do I want this building to do for me?
Determine what the main use of your pole building will be. keep in mind interior options such as lofts, bathrooms or office space.

Do I need power or water for my building?
In most cases, our clients will want power or water for their building.

Does my pole building require permits?
Pole building permits may or may not be required depending upon county. If you're planning to build your pole building in Spokane County, you will be required to have a permit.

Is my site ready for building?
Preparing your site for construction properly will save building costs and time. An ideal site would be perfectly flat where you want to place your building.