Welcome to Gibraltar Steel Buildings. Spokane's one stop Pole Building shop. We offer complete installation of pole buildings, pole building kits, concrete services, along with decking and patios.

Our office is based in the beautiful Spokane Valley. Services are available throughout Washington State. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Feel free to give us a call at 509.230.6895 or send us a message about your project needs.


Pole Building in Spokane Valley. Copper Walls with Weathered Copper Roofing and Trim. Built by Gibraltar Steel Buildings.

Gibraltar Steel Buildings specializes in the construction of Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Pole Buildings. Whether you need a small storage building or a huge custom pole building , Gibraltar Steel Buildings is the spot to shop for your next project. We offer a wide variety of color and custom building options. Visit our Pole Buildings page for more detailed information.

There's several styles of Pole Buildings that allow for multiple applications for both residential and commercial settings. Here's a few ideas you could use for your Pole Building.

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Pole Building Kit materials in Spokane. Pressure Treated Lumber, Fur lumber and Steel Sheeting.

Looking to build your own pole building? Gibraltar Steel Buildings also offers pole building kits throughout Spokane and Washington state.

Visit our Pole Building Kits page for more detailed information.

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Pole Building Concrete Floor with smooth finish and cut. Concrete Contracting in Spokane by Gibraltar Steel Buildings.

Ready to get your concrete project started? Gibraltar Steel Buildings provides high quality concrete services. Options such as fibermesh, rebar and insulated slabs are available. Check out our Concrete Contracting page for more detailed information.

While providing a variety of commercial and residential opportunities for projects. We offer a wide selection of brushed and stained concrete finishes. Here's a few examples of service we provide with concrete.

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Custom Decking and Patios in Spokane by Gibraltar Steel Buildings.

Create a relaxing environment for friends and family. Gibraltar Steel Buildings offers a vast selection of stylish options for your decking or patio.

Visit our Decking and Patios page for more detailed information.

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